Continues Timer Code to Monitor Users in the listview using C#

​This timer tick code is used to monitor users in the listview according to there last login time. Step 1: In visual studio choose windows application and take listview control in the toolbox and Insert a Dummy datetime for a user in the listview. Step 2: Take timer component in toolbox in  visual studio. Step 3: Double click […]

VoIP network assessment checklist

  A good VoIP network assessment package should help you determine quickly and easily how well VoIP will work on your network. It should also predict the overall call quality you can expect from the network and generate customizable reports that detail the network’s VoIP readiness. Below are some guidelines as to what a good […]

Web Hosting

When I open some websites its being displayed WW2 instead of WWW They are load balancing. First you have to know that it’s not instead of www. It’s a subdomain – like and They just use and You could actually probably go to and it would work or redirect (assuming […]

February 17, 2016 Post Comment Blog

Enterprise Messaging


Organizations can range from multinational entities to a small business office to geographically dispersed universities and healthcare networks.

June 25, 2014 2 comments Blog

Business Process Automation


Processes are what make organizations tick. Some processes are horizontal (apply to all-types of organizations) and some are vertical (industry‐specific) in nature. In most cases, how well an organization implements and executes its key business processes play a huge role in determining its overall success….

June 25, 2014 1 comment Blog
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