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Traditional communications systems can present some challenges with their oft times excessive capital investments and ongoing operational overhead. The CaaS offerings from Interactive Intelligence give your business an alternative to keep such costs in check:

A complete CaaS solution for contact center automation and outbound notifications, built on an application suite proven in businesses worldwide, offered as a scalable service that delivers more functionality and a better ROI than most in-house communications systems.

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With our CaaS services, you pay only for the capabilities you need and the agents, supervisors and business users you require. Monthly costs are predictable and easy to budget, with minimal (or no) capital expenditures and far less IT overhead than on-premise data centers require.

That way, your ROI starts positively and stays high — since there’s little on-premise equipment and unending operational costs to diminish your return.

CaaS Contact Center improves operational performance with IVR, ACD, automated dialing, call recording, workforce management (WFM), screen pop integration and the multichannel routing of e-mail and web chat. Agents and supervisors also improve service levels with desktop call control, desktop faxing, and real-time presence and monitoring.

CaaS Notifications let you automate high-volume outbound appointment reminders and time-sensitive announcements that typically require manual calling. More importantly, they speed the notification process and free up valuable resources for other tasks.

No matter the size of your business and the number of agents and users, the Interactive Intelligence CaaS offering lets you easily add users as needed and incorporate mobile workers, work-at-home agents, and even remote sites. You can also scale your solution, on demand, to meet seasonal needs and growth requirements.
The Interactive Intelligence CaaS Contact Center offering takes full advantage of our SIP architecture and makes it a powerful platform for cost-effective services delivery and control using voice over IP (VoIP) and a MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. With three flexible deployment models, your business gets choices that other CaaS vendors don’t provide.

Local Control VoIP Model – Something no other CaaS provider gives you. Keep your organization’s current telco circuits, connect to the hardened Interactive Intelligence data center via MPLS, configure “on-premise” hardware such as gateways, proxy/media servers, and equip agents with IP phones or soft phones.

Remote Control VoIP Model – Route calls via telco circuits terminated at the Interactive Intelligence data center and equip agents to handle calls using IP phones or soft phones connected over an MPLS network.

Remote Control TDM Model – Route calls via telco circuits terminated at the Interactive Intelligence data center. Agent connection calls are routed over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) to your existing PBX, no new equipment required.

Key Benefits

  • Local control over your valuable data, decreasing security risks
  • Advanced contact center features that include call recording, real-time monitoring, outbound dialing and workforce management
  • Local control over your valuable data, decreasing security risks
  • Deployment models designed to provide survivability and the highest reliability
  • Predictable monthly payments with minimal, or no, capital expenditures, designed to maximize ROI
  • Flexible deployment models, with an optional migration path to a premise-based system in one easy step

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