Communications Based Process Automation

Communications Based Process Automation

Processes are what make organizations tick. Some processes are horizontal (apply to all-types of organizations) and some are vertical (industry‐specific) in nature. In most cases, how well an organization implements and executes its key business processes play a huge role in determining its overall success.

While various types of process automation and management solutions have been around for years, they’ve all had three strikes against them – they’re complex, expensive, and they don’t do a good job of involving people.

Even more than the complexity and the expense, current solutions often sidestep the integration of people into the process, as they are not connected to the organization’s communications systems. At best, they overload your people with e‐mail, instead of getting to the heart of how the entire business process, people and interactions included, could be optimized for efficiency, end to end.

A new approach to Business Process Automation

Introducing Communications‐Based Process Automation (CBPA) – solutions that focus on the automation of the process AND the communications that drive them. It proposes that we use communications technologies and practices that have been proven over decades in contact centers as the foundation for process automation:
The technology used to queue calls for delivery to the right agent with the right skills in the contact center can also provide the orderly prioritization and delivery of work to the right people in the organization.
A communications‐based process automation solution can make use of presence information when it decides how to deliver work based on a person’s availability.
Demand forecasting and agent scheduling techniques that allow contact centers to make sure that they have sufficient personnel to handle the expected load.
Capturing the communication method used between a customer and an agent (calls, chats, emails, faxes) becomes even more valuable when recording and reviewing communications between parties within a business process, especially for guideline adherence and compliance.
Contact center supervisors demand real-time visibility to monitor agent performance and ensure service levels are met. These same capabilities provide managers and executives real-time visibility into every step of the work process, including statistics and alerts to errors and delays, and the ability to “coach” employees through processes as needed.
provides complete location-independence, enabling employees to participate in businesses processes from anywhere in the world.

Interaction Process Automation – More than just Communications-Enabled

Interaction Process Automation (IPA), the CBPA solution from Interactive Intelligence, moves beyond just “enabling” communications within applications or business process management suites. IPA becomes the process automation platform for the company, orchestrating processes across people, departments, and your existing core business applications. Because it was built on top of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), it leverages proven communications technology that has been in use for years in contact centers around the world. IPA is designed to reduce costs and provide a quantifiable return on Investment for Unified Communications by automating processes that are far more efficient than their manual counterparts, enabling companies to accomplish more with fewer required resources.

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The Difference…

A Content Management innovator, we have developed proven technology in partnership with several insurance companies to transform the way companies and agents interact, communicate, and share insurance, underwriting, and claims information.
Through the development of our Content Management solution, we have envisioned a complete solution for document management, imaging, and workflow. We have worked towards a robust, scalable, easy-to-use solution, one easily customized to fit a company’s existing procedures.
Our team brings nearly two centuries of cumulative experience in developing and implementing insurance solutions throughout the world. We have recognized the difficulty of managing large volumes of documents and experienced firsthand the weaknesses of solutions trying to address this need. By consulting customers and forming a talented and energetic team, we feel that we have solved this problem with our Content Management solutions set.
Client-focused – Our document management and workflow solutions have been developed hand-in-hand with our clients. Those clients represent a variety of companies, but all with the common bond of the document management and workflow needs. We have taken our years of both industry and software experience, and worked to build a complete solution that helps satisfy the needs of any company.

Web-based solution set

Our document management and workflow solutions are available through a web-based solution that allows users access to information and participate in workflow processes from anywhere. In addition, the web-based interface minimizes internal maintenance and support for the client.

Dedicated support

We have worked with many of our clients to improve their overall business processes by getting to know each account and company inside and out. Each client has a dedicated business analyst who they call on for anything from support, to training, to business improvement questions–someone who knows the details of their business, and can focus on the current question at hand without having to request a summary of their current environment.


Our products were designed with the idea that we are just a piece of the puzzle. Companies use a variety of applications day-to-day, and we recognize that there is a need to eliminate re-keying, and make transitions between systems as seamless as possible. We offer processes that can allow sharing of information between systems, claim and policy files can be embedded and displayed within your administration systems, and our application can be ‘skinned’ to fit directly into your customer portal, without ever letting your users know they are in a separate application.
Flexible pricing for all sizes – While many software vendors focus on landing the big accounts, we focus on the real business need. All companies, both large and small, have document management and workflow automation needs. With this in mind, we aim to tailor a solution to meet your budget and growth plans. We offer multiple licensing models, including component-based, subscription-based, and enterprise-based.

We think the answer is clear-A better solution for a better business.

The Hard ROI Benefits of CBPA After thinking through the capabilities that can be provided by our CBPA solution, the benefits become quite clear.

  • Reduced Cost –Organizations can cut costs by decreasing the number of employees and the amount of time involved in a given business process while eliminating latency and human error.
  • Faster Process Completion – Process automation built upon a communications platform automatically keeps processes moving, participants communicating and work completing faster.
  • Process automation enterprise wide – Unlike traditional business process automation and management solutions that only tackle one portion of your company’s overall process automation needs, our CBPA solution can be deployed enterprise wide for simple processes (time off requests, approvals, information gathering, etc.) or more complex processes (claims processing, order fulfillment, patient scheduling, etc.).


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